Express Freight Service Changes Game for Shipping Couriers in Greater LA Area

October 23, 2017 Michelle Ross

Putting it lightly, shipping and courier delivery in the Greater LA Area presents challenges to ensure tracking and on-time arrival. The LA Times reports that drivers idle 81 hours per year on freeways in areas like the City of Industry and Walnut.

Imagine driving a tractor-trailer, straight truck, or large van in America’s most congested cities—and being expected to stay true to committed transit times and  promises of on-time delivery?

STG Express is the new solution from STG Logistics following the acquisition of Extra Express. For more than 20 years, the LA-based expedited delivery service has been navigating the greater LA and Las Vegas highways. Now part of STG, a leading, national closed loop supply chain provider, and freshly re-branded as STG Express, the locally based supply chain courier has more motivation (and resources) than ever to perform at the top of its game.

Delivering late costs money
As a shipper, you’ve experienced the aggravation and stress associated with delayed deliveries. Now that STG, through wholly owned STG Express, provides the “final mile” as a part of our suite of services, the challenges of lost time, increased cost, and damage to credibility can be mitigated. STG and Extra Express share a passion for clients and specialize in creating value through the efficient movement of cargo so the creation of STG Express acts to boost STG’s streamlining of routes for local and global customers alike.

That means you can have your large shipments, parcels, and even small packages delivered at competitive rates on an expedited basis using STG Express. By bringing this service in-house, STG is now a one-stop shop with the capability to leverage efficiencies and foresight to provide on-time delivery.

How on-time, on demand shipping works in the Greater LA Area
Now, with STG Express, STG Logistics warehouses will prepare and dispatch shipments overnight, long before the first outside carriers even enter our yard. This shift from a fragmented supply chain, using different operators, to a one-stop shop allows you to save time and money while ensuring that your shipment arrives at the right location and on time.

Our expedited delivery service has run at greater than 99% since being integrated into the STG family. If you know the traffic associated with the Greater LA Area; getting anywhere that close to 100% of the time is a story worth  telling.



Let STG Express save you time and money. 

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