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May 1, 2018 Michelle Ross

We love receiving praise for our team members and hearing success stories from our partners. Thank you  and Gail Clay.

"I wanted to give recognition to Gail for her efforts to accommodate & solve an issue for this container. It’s 7:15pm here on a Friday night, Chad found a container that was not on one of the reports about an hour ago. He figured out what happened and knew exactly what he needed to do get it fixed; however, knowing it’s the weekend and STG would be closed, he thought to himself.. shoot, I can’t get this done until Monday – by then, we’ll have 2 days of rail storage.

He figured out Gail’s cell phone # and called and explained the situation & asked if they can get this done. St George essentially had to file a PTT to get the container cleared, then figure out how to get the container pulled out by Saturday (LFD). When it’s all said and done, she was able to pull through and Chad was able to get a PU # from the steamship line to provide it to Gail. Our panic dissolved in her delivery of results with relative ease. It was the type of ending that I wanted to have for Friday and she delivered. Thank you for all that you do Gail!"
Manager, Ocean Import Expeditors


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